Tutorial Tuesday!

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Welcome to Tutorial Tuesday - If you are new here, this party is to showcase your weekly tutorials. What counts as a tutorial? Anything to "teach me stuff" counts - a recipe, a kid's craft, a DIY project, how you got your baby to sleep through the night ... I'm not picky.

Check out my tutorial for this week to learn how to make a Faux Deer Head Decor.
Please... (this is the part at the end of the commercial when the announcer talks real fast)

* Link up using the link to your actual post (not your general blog address) using your name and a the subject of your tutorial to generate interest.

* Add my button or a clickable link back to this post so everyone can join in.

* Visit and comment with all our friends. Show them some love! Meet some new friends! Learn something new!

Ready? Teach Me Stuff!

Hope Studios


  1. Thanks so much for hosting a great party!

    Have a great day,

  2. Thanks for hosting this fun party.

  3. I'm blown away by your papier mache deer's head ! How incredible

  4. Hi - I posted #72 - the Football Cake Pops - a little late for football - but they are super cute - and yummy. Thanks for continuing the the party - I know there is an expense now - I greatly appreciate it!

  5. Thank you so much for hosting the party. I linked up my latest project. I am hosting a party and the link opens up tonight at 8pm EST. I hope you will stop by and join in on the fun.

  6. DUDE. I may actually have something to submit next week. Ripley's believe it or not, I know. :)

  7. Thanks for the party Jennifer!!! Always a pleasure!!!

  8. Great tut-tues-parTAY!
    So many HEARTS, so little time!
    Thanks! ~Heidi

  9. I'm late but hooked up anyway! Wednesday Wake-up! Hey... there's and idea!

    xo jeanne.


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