Feedback Friday Update!

Several of you have asked what dress I chose for the black tie dinner, and the winner was...

Thanks for your styling advice! I was the ONLY person at the event NOT in a black dress. That rocked.

And, work began on my Board in Question yesterday, watch and see the transformation!

Any clue?

It's taking shape!

Setting in place:

Ta da! It became a mantle as many of you guessed! It was so much more affordable to purchase the raw wood and let the carpenter cut and finish it on site.

There was enough left over to mount on the wall near the pool table so the rest of you who guessed a counter-top were also right!

Want to go shopping at Anthropologie with me tomorrow? Okay, come on back and we'll make it a day!

Remember to check out Tutorial Tuesday this week if you missed it - you have until Saturday to link up.


  1. Just found your blog, I'm a new follower and just linked up to Tutorial Tuesdays...I'm from Pittsburgh, too, and I have three boys (I do have a girl dog, though).

  2. Yay! That dress was my favorite!! :) Looked very nice!

  3. I, personally, love picture #3 of the guy in the black hat. He looks exceptionally entertained by you and your camera and your excitement over this board. I'm certain that he went to the bar after work tonight to tell the guys about this "crazy lady" that he worked for today!!

  4. You rocked that dress! And I love the new mantle, it looks great!

  5. You looked stunning in that dress. So glad you picked that one.

  6. Aw Jen...you look amaze-a-bulls! So cool that you stood out from the crowd!

  7. Wow!!!! I'm so happy you picked that dress....maybe I can borrow it for my cousins wedding in April :) Your basement is lookin' FAB too!!! Love the built-in's on either side of the fireplace....Tons of display/accessory space = more fun projects :)


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