Basement Update and a Question - Feedback Friday

So, the last time I mentioned my basement renovation was way back at the beginning of January. Remember what it looked like then?

Well, shortly after that photo was taken the doors and trim were installed:

Then we came home after a weekend away and our fireplace was stoned (not THAT kind of stoned)!

A few weeks later, the whole place was stacked with these boxes:

And inside them were cabinets!

Now, here is my question...

Yesterday, the Big Guy and I drove our truck to the local lumber yard to buy a board that I fell in love with. Is it normal to fall in love with a board???

Ahhh, just look at her...

It's Feedback Friday...

What are my plans for this beautiful cherry board?

What would you do with it?



  1. Jennifer I can fall in love with anything which everyone refused by saying rubbish... so I am not surprised by you, and this board is quite good ...
    What I do... I have lots of project in which I need some good wood... but my husband is still have excuses.. oh yea . oh sure so I am pretty jealous of you now:)...
    Thanks for you wonderful words on my post

  2. You know that I have absolutely NO Clue, but I can say that your basement is lovely.

  3. I think ti would make a great top for a table, counter or bar. Dying to see what you have in mind. The reno looks fab!

  4. Counter top???

    Getting ready over here for Steeler Superbowl Sunday! Woohoo!!!!

  5. The first thing I thought of was a fireplace mantel.

  6. DANG that's a pretty board!!! It's SO right and I think you should narrow it a bit and mount that baby over the fireplace. Your husband will thank you and you'll be the envy of everyone. :)

  7. Either a mantle for the fireplace or a countertop for the "kitchen" or wet bar area in the basement. Can't wait to see it finished.

  8. Fireplace mantle! It would look great with the roughness of the stone for sure. Loving your basement. Something about "new" spaces are so refreshing.

  9. Well, depending on size, it would make a fabulous headboard.

    It could also make a marvelous focal piece on a wall in the basement - add a family value on it.

    With a bird or two. :)

  10. Love it!!! Table top, bar, wall art, counter top...fabulous!!!!

  11. I love wood! Your basement is gorgeous. I'm so jealous!

  12. Your basement is a great space! I think fireplaces in basements are maybe the coziest thing in the world...

    As for the wood, I think the shape of it is beautiful. I say you sand it, finish it, and use it to create a huge, unusual coffee table to place in the sitting area. I'm not sure what kind of legs would look good on it, but can you imagine gathering around a glorious slab of wood, using it as a surface to hold hot drinks as you chat by the fire? That would be fab!

  13. I'm thinking table top! Your basement is looking great!

  14. Jennifer your basement looks amazing - I want to live down there! Love that beautiful cabinetry and stone fireplace - gorgeous! The cool piece of wood - a humungous sign for the wall? Hmmmm. Fun project.

  15. I'm hopping on the bar/counter top train! It would look FAN-tastic all sealed up and shiny! So jealous


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