Stuff I Learned!

This Wire Tote is so clever!

I love the Forest of Trees Michelle created in her master bedroom!

This little Book Clutch is such a fun surprise!

Come on, you know you clicked on the Slow Cooker Bacon Jam out of curiosity!

In my quest to NOT gain 10 pounds this month I will NOT be making the following recipes...maybe...

Butterscotch Chocolate Chip Nut Bars

Chocolate Nutella Fudge with Sea Salt

Or maybe if I make Simple and Irresistible Baked Chicken for dinner I can splurge on dessert?

Finally, I'm a cornbread girl, and this Fresh Baked Cornbread looks divine!

Click Picks (most clicked tutorials this week):

#1 Organized Work Space

#2 Ruffle Cardigan

#3 Be Mine Burlap Sign


  1. maaaake the fuuuudge.....
    tee hee
    thanks for the shout out! :o)

  2. I sure did. (Click on the bacon jam.)I thought about eating it cold and swiftly changed my mind on adding that recipe to my collection.

  3. oh wow that's me! :) blushing. i'm just a baby blogger but stay tuned for more clothing tuts! :) this is so exciting!

  4. That book clutch is terrific. (I missed Teach Me Tuesday last week.)


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