Nightstand Exposé - Feedback Friday

One of my favorite magazines, House Beautiful, interviews designers each month and always asks, "What is on your nightstand?" It's actually a great question to really see what makes someone tick! So, let's do it!

A photo of my nightstand is above (I tried to make it all grainy like a magazine exposé photo!) and includes the following:


*Clock radio

*A book
(Faces by Dean Koontz)

*Foot cream (gross, I know)

*Toe brace for my bunion (aren't you glad I suggested this so I can disgust you?!?)

*A butterfly recipe holder my son gave me for Mother's Day that never made it down to the kitchen.

*A pencil

*My red Nintendo DS I inherited from my kids (I obsessively play Scrabble in bed)

*Tiny silver medal of The Virgin Mary (We kick it mom-to-mom!)

*Remote control

*I count all those books on the floor as nightstand overflow.

Want to play? You can include a photo if you'd like (you can upload it to flickr or your blog or wherever and include the link below) or just describe it in the comments.

It's Feedback Friday...

I gotta know! What is on your nightstand?


  1. I'm boring... or too tired to do anything but sleep once I crawl into bed. Mine has a lamp, wedding photo, and a hair tie.

  2. Since my house is currently for sale, I'm fairly neat. I have:

    Life of Pi
    Current issue of Oprah
    Phone/Clock Radio

    Er...in the drawer: reading glasses which I sometimes wear on TOP of my regular glasses. This SO sucks.

  3. A cup of water on a coaster and my alarm clock.

    That's it. :)

  4. I don't really have a nightstand. I have a little wooden chair, I think it was for dolls it was my great grandmothers. On it is a lamp and right now a necklace and a pen. There were cough drops and rolaids but the cat had grabbed those because she loves the crinkle of the paper and they are under the bed. I have a stack of shoe boxes, all my favorite heels, and a stack of books next to my bed as well.

  5. My nightstand is a little atrocious with the amount of stuff on/in/underneath it! (It's one of those wall-mounted doo-dahs with a cubby and a drawer). On top I have a lamp, alarm clock shaped like a cat with a bugle, halloween-themed pushbutton light, a crystal, two little glass cat ornaments (safest place for them!), a notepad, couple of pens, and a coaster. In the cubby/drawer I keep jewellery, another notebook, Happi cards and room spray...then underneath is a box of mini top hats I've made, plus a big pile of books...too much stuff, really!

  6. ah! foot cream for me as well!
    and braces, as well, mine are left and right carpal tunnel (ahah! too much crafting!!!) + iphone + ipad + alarm clock + a book... i should say a brick: war and peace!!
    i might write a post and link it! you inspired me ! (as usual!)

  7. I'm playing along, cuz it's way more fun that all the stuff I should be doing. Thanks for posting this-it was a good motivation to clean my big pile of junk

  8. A too tall stack of art magazines

    My Bible




    iPod touch

    a pen

    and some dust - if we're being completely honest :)

  9. I'll play!

    On my nightstand:

    My favorite handpainted lamp I snagged for cheap at my local Peebles Home store.

    An adorable photo of my two boys on the first day of school back in 1989...new backpacks..new clothes and great big smiles.

    Book about Princess Diana's fashion style..fabulous photos!

    Betty Whites newest book...she is such a hoot!

    Vintage german glass glitter snowman sculpture...it never gets put away...before I know it, it is time to decorate for the holidays again ..and I'm ready ;->

    Jar of the new cocoa infused vaseline (get your mind out of the gutter!)
    ..this stuff smells incredible and makes my feet and hands super soft .....yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    This was fun!

    Janet xox

  10. mine has a lamp, an alarm clock/radio, and a small crochet thingy for my glass of water. All the foot creams and sockies are in the top drawer. OCD neatness at it's best!

  11. Oh I never really gave my night stand much thought but looking at it now there is a ton of stuff.

    A lamp, an alarm clock, two, no make that three bottles of lotion. I like to rub lotion on my feet before bed but really no reason for three bottles except laziness.

    There is also two books, a d-ring - now why that is there I don't know. A nail file, a toenail clipper - really my feet don't need that much attention.

    Oh there is a Yankee candle jar with topper center sitting on the side, a tray the candle is on, a mirror, a coaster, a hair pony, a bowl with misc change and a couple dollar bills. A small bag with some Norwegian money, a vintage scrabble crossroad cube game box, yep box only, and a picture of my godchild.

    Oh and just to make it complete the drawer has a bible and a bag of candy stick my daughter likes.

    Wow that is a lot of stuff that just lands there and doesn't really belong there.

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  13. I have a big stack of Martha and Better Homes Magazines that I'm too tired to read once I make it to bed; about 10 hair ties cause every night I throw another one over there;an ugly lamp; my favorite cordless alarm clock that sets itself and somehow knows when daylight savings changes are supposed to occur, but has a few bars on the display that don't show up so the numbers are barely readable. Somehow I can still tell the time. For the life of me, I cannot find a suitable replacement!

    That was fun!


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