Wedding Date Gift Idea

If my business is any indication, this fall is going to be very popular for weddings! I like to have something small and personal to accompany the card. Check out this simple idea for Wedding Date Art I blogged last year. Bring it along to your next wedding as a gift!

Here are a few of my Wedding Gift Pins you might like:

I'd Still Choose You:


Can of Dates:

What do you like to bring to a wedding?



  1. I live about 20 min from the world's largest Christmas store (www.bronners.com) so my go-to gift is ornaments. I like personalized things that they're not going to get from anyone else.

  2. Can of dates....I love it!!!!

    Janet xox

  3. Just went back and read your Wedding Day Art Tutorial and I'm so excited. Going to visit my little sister (who is a photographer) in Richmond soon and I think we should TOTALLY spend a day doing this. :D What fun and what a great gift idea! Thanks for sharing.


  4. I'll print off a bunch of tried and true recipes from my kitchen, my mom's and my grandma's, then put them in sheet protectors and in a 3 ring binder. The sheet protectors make them waterproof and if they don't like something, they can just take it out and put something new in there. It's a great way for newly weds to start their own recipe binder.

  5. I love these ideas! You should definitely add your post to this list of Thoughtful 'Off the Registry' Wedding Gifts:


    I'm trying to figure out a gift for my sister who's getting married VERY soon!

  6. "if I could choose again I'd still choose you" these are the words my husband tell me before he died.


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