Healthy Thanksgiving?

During ordinary days I like to try to make healthy choices for myself and my family. Maybe I will add more veggies or cook with low fat milk or olive oil, but for holiday meals I go all out with whole milk and cream, real butter, and rich recipes.

Am I in the minority or the majority?

It's Feedback Friday...

When cooking for special occasions do you still try to make low calorie / low fat choices or do you throw diet out the window for the day?

Speaking of rich holiday recipes:

Eggnog Pumpkin Pie!


  1. I tend to cook with real butter, real cream all the time. Don't get me wrong, we have a nice variety of veg in there, but for recipes that call for butter, I reach for butter. Holidays are no exception.

    Last year was a tough one, because I was greatly reducing the butter and salt in all our meals, holidays included, to help support my teenaged wrestler. Having those big holiday meals in the middle of wrestling season when the athletes need to "make weight" is really hard.

    Of course, I've probably just set off a firestorm of opinions on the sagacity of growing bodies "making weight." Thoughtful post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I like to use all those yummy things in moderation, most of the time. There's nothing like real butter - it adds a lot of taste to fresh steamed veggies. We buy 2% milk, and use real sugar in stuff. We just like the taste better. I also save bacon fat to season things - I know that's supposed to be a big no-no, but we do it. I do my best to make the choices that I know will enhance or improve my health, but I don't get hung up on all the hype which, I feel, is driven by food manufacturers themselves. Just sayin'. Oh, yeah - the stops are being all pulled out for this dinner - butter, sour cream, bacon, you name it. Thanksgiving is only once a year...

  3. Thanksgiving dinner is a family tradition. My mom makes the same stuff every year and it just wouldn't taste the same with low fat and sugar substitutes.

  4. I've been going back and forth on this one. My mother uses full fat cream, butter, etc all the time. Her food tastes great. My mother-in-law ismore concious of dairy, salt etc in food as I am in my home and even her pumpkin pie is made with almond milk. Now that I have been very dairy concious for a couple of years I actually prefer the lighter, less dairy approach to any food. If I cooked my own Thanksgiving dinner it would be on the lighter side.

  5. I'm not too hard on myself during the holidays, but I also like to bring healthy food to any gatherings I attend because it's the best way to ensure there's at least one thing that won't break the calorie bank. Plus I have noticed that other health-conscious people really appreciate this. I've got a healthy holiday recipe on my blog right now!

  6. I had to laugh when I pulled this post up while visiting a friend....we had just been talking about this very thing.

    I had just been listening to a radio show and they were advertising a cooking segment about making Thanksgiving dinner healthy.

    Will eating a traditional holiday dinner on this one day a year really make any difference in you being 'healthy' or not?? I doubt ...why are we adding to the stress of the holiday by putting another guideline we should be following...relax and enjoy the day my friends!

    Happy Thanksgiving Jennifer!!!!
    janet xox

    PS...when is the last time you heard someone fondly reminisce about their mother's fat-free, suger free cheesecake??


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