How to Hem Your Jeans - Using the Original Hem

Hemming jeans is always tricky - especially if you splurge like I did in Nashville last week (girl, your butt never looked as good as it does in Miss Me Jeans!) Part of the "look" of the jeans is the distressed hem, and you can never duplicate it if you start cutting and sewing a new one.

Let's learn to hem jeans the way a real seamstress does, using the original hem.

Let's Hem Our Jeans!

Okay, put your jeans on with the shoe you intend to wear. Now, roll up the cuff to the desired length (good rule of thumb is 1" from the floor).

Slide the jeans off carefully and lay them flat and measure the cuff you rolled.

Divide that measurement in half. (I rolled up my jeans 2" to the desired length so I divided that number in half and came up with 1") Adjust the cuff to the new measurement and pin in place.

Using a dark blue or black thread, carefully sew just at the edge of the original cuff - go nice and slow to keep the seam neat and close to the edge without going over:

Flip the new cuff up toward the top of the jeans and press the new cuff inside. Use lots of steam and make it lay flat:

Now, turn right side out and press again:

Check it out:

I hopped on over to ihearttoday to link this tutorial.


  1. Awesome. Shorts are too short and averages are too long. Sometimes it sucks to be a shorty.

  2. yes, your butt does look good in those jeans:) great tip. i am always needing a hem and hate the way it comes out.

  3. Oh, thank you so much for posting this! I have to hem ALL of my jeans and have never even heard of this trick! I'll be trying it next time around! I was also thinking that it this would be great for kids clothing! The hem could be ripped out as they grow!


  4. Brilliant!!!!

    I will be using this tutorial for Mr. Secret Agents jeans and mine.

    Thanks for this great tip.

    janet xox

  5. love this method! use it all the time with my hub's work pants----super easy!

  6. I never knew that you had to keep the "rest" of the hem attached. Thanks for the tutorial.

    I would love if you came and joined me on my blog hop at:


    Thanks. Hope to see you there.

  7. Great job! thanks for sharing :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  8. Such an awesome tutorial! I actually have a pair of Seven jeans that are about 4 inches too long and have been procrastinating on getting them professionally hemmed. I'm gonna do it, wish me luck!!!

  9. Awesome !!!! I am going to bookmark this so I can remember it!

  10. These look so great! My favorite jeans are a pair of Miss Me's too!

  11. I love you. Er, I mean, I love this tutorial. It's going to change my life, I can feel it.


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