20 Kids and Counting...

So, we all know the Duggars announced that they were pregnant with their 20th child a few weeks ago. They sadly announced the miscarriage of that latest pregnancy this morning.

I watch this program in the morning every once in awhile with my jaw hanging open.

Sometimes I feel awe, sometimes I feel pity for the oldest kids with so much responsibility, sometimes I feel angry that the mother risks her life, at this point, with additional pregnancies, and sometimes I feel inadequate when I see how smoothly this household seems to run compared to my own. More importantly, I wonder how they arrange 19 people so nicely for a family portrait when I can't get a decent photo of just 3 kids??? Why?!? Why?!? (Sorry, Christmas card drama is still a fresh wound...)

What do you feel when you watch this show?

It's Feedback Friday...

What do you think when you watch a show like 19 Kids and Counting?

Do you think it's a risk to have a 20th pregnancy? Do you think it's a beautiful thing? Do you think the show figures in to their family planning?


  1. I think they are amazing! All of the children seem very happy and get along well. The cameramen say that what we see on tv is what they are like when cameras are not rolling. The family goes out often and helps those in need. Their trust in God is strong. I think this world needs a lot more people like the Duggers!

  2. I feel all of the above...however coming from a very large family myself..I am the oldest girl in a family of eleven. I think I can give a knowledgeable opinion of the dynamics going on in this home.

    There is no way this Mom is having enough quality time with her children...no way. Simply because there are not enough hours in a day for the coveted one on one attention.

    Look closely...these children are 75 % raising each other. I would love to know how the older one REALLY feel about all the responsibility being put on their shoulders.

    I also wonder how well they would be handling all of this without the 24 hour help of the TV studios and all the cash the show brings in. They are not raising this family on a $50,000 a year paycheck.

    As I said..being the oldest girl of a family of eleven with a working Mom...I changed thousands of diapers, cooked countless meals, logged zillions of babysitting hours, gave untold number of baths...to be honest..
    I had pretty much had NO social life as a young girl.

    Do I regret any of this...No
    What I have liked things to be different...Hell yes!

    You should raise your children...they should not be raising each other...helping, YES...raising, NO.

    Don't even get me started on the medical issue here...sheesh!

    Disclaimer...this is MY family experience only, but a very valid one I believe.

    Janet xox

  3. PS...as you can see I stayed away from the religious issue here...you can never win that argument.
    I also feel very sad for the loss this family is feeling...that is always hard and I in no way belittle this tragedy in their lives at this time.

    Janet xox

  4. i think it is amazing to have so many kids, not that i would want to. my sons father is one of 22. i still wonder how they did it, but we are reaping the benefits of being in such a large family. it is wonderful to have so many around. however, having nearly lost my life with my son, i still went on to have two more. but we have decided to stop there. i have had problems with each of my pregnancies and to us it is not worth risking it. i think their faith has a lot to do with it. and yeah, how do they get those kids to behave so well and stand still for a family photo?

  5. Every child is a blessing & I admire how they raise their children. How they love each other as couple, even with 19 kids the spark is their eyes is still there. I love how they have Christ in the center of their family & how the children are growing faithfully in God. They are perfect role models for families. Even the concept of not watcking TV and movies, in everything they always consider doing for the glory of God, is just amazing. I love watching their show. Her miscarriage would be risky after having 19 kids bcoz the lining of her ovary from giving birth becomes thinner. But if its Gods will for her to be pregnant again, its God's will......

  6. Although I believe everyone has the right to make choices for themselves, I think our world is already over-populated - adding 20 more kids to the count seems a bit excessive.

  7. I live in South Africa with my hubby, but I'm American...anyways, I've been totally out of the loop with this family- I only saw the new article today- and then started looking up who this family was! Oh my word- so crazy! How can the mom handle 20 pregnancies! I just don't know! I would never want to have 20 kids of my own! This whole thing is so baffling :)

  8. @Luisa...Ok...Forgive my ignorance, but I am a little confused. They don't watch TV, but it is ok to BE on TV????

    I don't understand this logic..it seems very flawed to me. So they are on TV (which they don't allow the family to watch) for the Glory of God???

    Someone help me here /:-<


  9. She's also technically not "leaving it up to god" because she gives up breast feeding prematurely and this time she lost a bunch of weight to increase her chances to get pregnant even though the Dr told her she was risking the health of her and any future babies.

    Miscarriages are hard. Period. That's tough. But honestly, I think it's irresponsible for her to keep trying as an AMA and weak uterus.

  10. I think that having a miscarriage is awful and I wouldn't wish it upon anyone, with that said, I do think it is the outcome of what happens when you continue to push your body to have kids at the age of 46 years old. Lets hope they take this as their indication or sign that it's time to be grateful for what they have and close up shop.

  11. I can't understand trying for another child when you know your life is at such a high risk. Each family is different and to have that many children is their choice but then to get pregnant knowing that all of those children could be left without a mother is wrong to me. My son is an only child as I have cfs. If I got pregnant again it could have severe effects on my cfs and I couldn't do that to my son. The most important thing to me is that I stay as healthy as I can so that his mum stays around as long as I can.

  12. I feel sad for them with the loss of their child-that is always hard no matter how many children you have already.

    But, that being said, I think Janet hit the nail on the head with her own experience. I half-joke that I think the Duggars have a child-hoarding problem. I really don't want to judge, but let's be honest-we all do it and it's hard not to! They say they are "leaving it up to God," but I question that (I am ashamed of this!) I mean, are they really? Or are they desperately trying to have a ridiculous amount of children? I wonder if Mrs. Duggar finds her self-worth in being pregnant...and if that IS the case then that is not of the Lord. Of course, I don't know their hearts-only God does so I can't say what they are thinking or doing. But, these are things I've wondered.

    One thing I DO know-comparing ourselves to them is not good either. The Duggars DO seem to raise their children in a healthy, stable home. I know for sure God is not calling me to have 20 kids because we can't afford it-financially or emotionally! So, I thank Him for medical advancements that will allow this to not happen. :-)

    And I am also baffled by how they get all those kids in a family photo!

  13. I guess as long as a family can support (emotionally and financially) that many children, I can't really judge. It does seem rather excessive though. This image pretty much sums up how I feel about it. ;-)~

  14. I really believe it's none of my business to have an opinion- they are trusting God, who knows all. They have no debt, and don't rely on the government for handouts. They are raising healthy, sound minded children who are respectful to their elders and have a wholesome view of family.


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