Pine Cone Snowman Ornament

While reading Janet's post about traveling to the Christkindlmarket
in Bethlehem, Pa. I saw an ornament she photographed and knew it was my choice for our Soul Sister's Ornament Exchange this year.

Thank goodness Janet also gave me some tips about how to create this ornament because I was stumped!

Pine Cone Snowman Ornament:


Pine cone
styrofoam ball
Snowtex (I found it near the Plaster of Paris at Michael's)
White glitter
Hot glue gun
Small beads
Orange paint


Hot glue the ball to the top of the pine cone. I actually poked the tip of the cone right into the ball, then removed, added glue and popped it back on. (**If I did it again, I would insert the hook right into the foam ball at this point and hot glue it in).

Slather the ball and upper portion of the cone with Snowtex - be generous! I used a small cookie frosting tool.

Try to fill in the area between the ball and the cone to make it look like the snow is dripping down, then hit the tips of the cone's "petals"(?) all the way down.

Sprinkle the wet Snowtex with glitter (I used Glamour Dust by Deco-Art). If you do this over a paper plate, you can funnel the excess right back into the container, easy peasy.

Press some beads into the face for the eyes and mouth:

Use the tip of a toothpick, painted orange, for a nose. Stick it right into the foam ball, then hot glue some twigs into the sides for arms:

Now, gift them to your friends, drink some wine, and pose for your annual photo in front of the Christmas tree!

Don't forget that I will post Tutorial Tuesday tonight if you want to come back to teach me something!


  1. Your little snowmen came out so cute!!!!!

    I love Snowtex and use it for so many different holiday decorations. Yours turned out great.

    Happy my instructions helped.

    Merry Christmas my friend

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  2. How adorable! Looks like so much fun (:

  3. Those are too cute! I'm loving these soul sisters posts! Me and my friends should do that! :)

  4. Hi, Jennifer:

    I am a blogger for Marygrove College’s Master in the Art of teaching program.

    We’re putting together a new resource for teachers—one to give them a few arts and craft ideas for the holiday season—and we were wondering if you’d mind us featuring your ornament idea in it. It's pretty adorable.

    We would, of course, site your blog and link back to it.

    Have a great weekend. Keep me posted.



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