Entertaining Check List

Last minute entertaining stress can be reduced by having a clear goal - no more forgetting last minute details if you have a clear checklist to work through on your way to preparing.

Check out my own checklist I reference when company is coming. You can print out mine or make a similar one for yourself.

 Laminate it or slide it into a protective sleeve and stash it in a drawer for quick reference next time you need to get ready for company!

Whip up some quick appetizers from yesterday's Easy Appetizer List  and you will be good to go!  What time should I plan to come by?  :)


  1. Love this list! I think I will print it out so my hubby and kids understand what needs to be done before people come over... they all seem to think i magically happens. And, maybe this will get them to help!

  2. I know! Telling us 15 minutes before company shows up doesn't cut it! :)

  3. This is great! Whenever I have guests over I'm always so stressed beforehand. This will help me to keep things in order!


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