I'm Sexy and I Know It

A first grader in Colorado was recently suspended for 3 days after singing the song "I'm Sexy and I Know It" to another female student in the cafeteria line last week.  He was "shaking his booty" near her while singing it.

The boy had been disciplined for singing this song previously, and the school labeled the incident "sexual harassment" under the following school handbook definition:  Sexual harassment “must have negative effects on the learning or work of others.” (abc news)

The child's mother feels that the label of sexual harassment is inaccurate and unfair and his actions did not justify suspension.

It's Feedback Friday...

Do you believe that this incident was an example of Sexual Harassment?

Do you think school suspension was a fair punishment?


  1. My 6 yr old was singing it the other day and when I told him it was inappropriate his response was "but the little M&M guy sings it on TV." Sure enough a few minutes later, there was the little M&M guy singing it on a commercial. I blame Hollywood! I hardly think it should be considered sexual harassment.

  2. If he is just a cute little kid singing the lines to a catchy song-no way. However, since he already got in trouble once for singing it to the same girl, he may be a little more devious. Maybe he was using it to tease, bully, and intimidate her. I used to teach at a school of child sex offenders (kids as young as 12, so they were a little older than him). They were all master manipulators and this would be the kind of stuff they would pull. Without having been there and hearing the little girl's side of the story, I can't say if the school over-reacted or not.

  3. My first reaction is that the school completely overreacted. Both of my kids sing this song, and our girl scout troop is always singing it. Kids just think it is funny and has a catchy tune. Most six year olds don't have the best impulse control.

  4. He's six! If you are going to treat them like adults they're going to act like it. Why does everyone overreact at everything now. Especially in public schools. He's an innocent 6 year old singing a catchy song. All you need to do is explain to him what is appropriate and unappropriate in a school setting. You don't need to suspend him for 3 days!

  5. Haha... oh my. This news story makes me laugh. Accusing a first grader of sexual harassment sounds plain old silly. It's a catchy song, and if we're all being honest, I'm sure most of us would admit to finding it catchy and unknowingly humming a song like that to ourselves in front of our kids. That school's administration clearly needs to be brought down a notch and focus on some of the real problems plaguing our schools.

    Just my personal opinion, though... ;)

  6. You all will laugh, but my boys had opening day in baseball last weekend. The coaches had music playing while they raked the fields and pretty soon I heard this song come on and lots of commotion.

    The kids were all dancing and singing along in the dugout and pretty soon a dad started swinging around this pole like a doofus while singing the song! It was like that song took over all their bodies!

    It was kind of funny, though :)

  7. The schools need to redefine "sexual harassment". I seriously doubt this kid (or any other first grader for that matter) is developmentally capable of harassing someone that way.

    We can't teach kids to read, do math or know geography...but by darn, we'll make sure they don't sing a song when they aren't supposed to!

  8. He is a kid! He probably doesnt even know what the words of the song mean, let alone what sexual harassment is.
    I find my four year old hears songs and then I hear her singing them days later and I cant remember when she last heard it, she has a memory like an elephant, she doesnt know what most of what she is singing is about.
    I certainly dont think it is sexual harassment thats for sure.

  9. Apart from agreeing with all the other ones who commented here - in stating this is a ridicoulous policy from the school - I just wanted to add that the school might actually achieve the opposite of what they aimed for - they make sexual harrassement a cute, minor issue. If they use a word as strong as this for such a tiny incident, how will the call real sexual harrassement? It just feels to me as if they are making real sexual harrassement smaller than it is, by overusing this expression.

  10. I can understand why the school suspended him, it was his second offense. That being said I don't think it should be considered sexual harassment!

  11. It being the second offense - he should have been disciplined in some way, but to call it sexual harassment - I don't think so. What about calling it "just disobeying your teacher"?


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