10 Things That Make Me Happy

I'm freaking out!  It's my first Vlog! Yikes!  Isn't it weird that we all feel like we know each other, yet have never heard each other's voices?

Well, here it is, all one take and I just left in the mistakes because I don't know how to edit, so here it is ... warts and all...

Things I learned from doing this video:

*  I obviously love to talk, and ramble on and on.  Clearly, I can talk to anything - even a little box with a red blinking light on it.

* I talk in weird voices sometimes.

* I pet my dog by pulling on her ears.

*I might be a little too dependent on my kitchen timer

* My $3 fleece pants are so ugly!

Here is the tutorial for the Photo Collage Wall I mentioned.

Did you prepare with your own post of 10 Things That Make Me Happy?

Well, okay then!  Let's add an extra link up this week so you can add your blog or just list 10 (or more) things in the comments.


  1. You are so cute! I ♥ the sweatpants :) Your dogs are adorable too, what are their names?

    Here's my 10 things:
    1) Duke, my miniature schnauzer
    2) laptop, I would be lost without it
    3) ipad, I'm addicted to Tiny Tower and a bunch of other games (oh and it's your turn in Draw Something, lol)
    4) Miche purse. I love purses, but hated having to move everything from one to the next. It's so easy to just change the shell and have a whole new look in 2 seconds.
    5) skinny jeans and tall boots. I've lost 35lbs since January, and it feels so good to be able to fit into an outfit that I was dreaming about last fall.
    6) Birkenstock sandals. I have 6 pairs, and I live in them from the time to snow melts till the first frost.
    7) Chevrolet Traverse. I know, a car makes me happy? It really is an awesome vehicle though.
    8) Audible audio books. I need to multitask, so listening to a book while doing something else is much easier than trying to focus on just reading the book.
    9) wreath on my front door. I make a new one every season out of dollar store craft supplies.
    10) Keurig coffee maker and Kcups! It's one of the first things I say hello to every morning

    1. Yes, it is my turn! I'll get on that tonight.

      My dog's names are Pipa (the little one) and Jeta (the big one)

  2. Love your first vlog :) You're too cute! And, I too love a timer! My last watch use to have a timer function and I would set it all.the.time. My new one doesn't and I miss it so much (weird, I know!) ! 50 first dates ~I've never seen it. Well, not all of it anyway, I've seen bits and pieces when I've caught it on tv. Guess I'll have to sit and watch the whole thing sometime. And I want an iphone. Hubby keeps telling me to go get one, but I'm too afraid I'll break it in the first week. I drop my dinosaur cell phone about 10 times a day, not sure how I could ever handle a "nice" phone. So, I'm totally linking up, but I went traditional ~ more along the lines of what I'm thankful for. Next week I'm planning a "what we're into" post and I'll blog about all of our favorite stuff.

    1. I'm so afraid I'm going to break my phone too! That is why I bought that wallet thing and so far so good :)

  3. Haha! Love this! Now I'm inspired and thinking...hm....

  4. I am so laughing at the sweatpants. I have a pair of cloud ones that I also love-I won't tell you what my husband calls them (let's just say it's not his first choice what I wear to bed). Not quite brave enough to vlog, but here's my list:
    1. My down comforter-I can't sleep w/out one
    2. My ridiculously high platform red high-heeled boats. They make me feel sexy even on bad hair days and those days I can only fit in my fat pants.
    3. Elf the movie-Every Christmas Eve I lay down beach towels and we pig out on snacks and watch it. We don't allow ourselves to watch it any other time to keep it special.
    4. A freshly painted wall
    5. Chocolate
    6. Fabric (this may go well beyond something that makes me happy and into something needing a self-help group)
    7. A dvr fully programmed with bad romantic Christmas movies
    8. Dystopian and paranormal teen romances -don't judge I read real books too
    9. Finding a good deal-I love clearance. My husband accuses me of "saving us into the poor house)
    10. Sunday afternoon naps

    1. I forgot one of my very favorite-watching marriage proposals on you tube

    2. A few years ago I was totally hooked on the Maximum Ride series that was James Pattersons stab at teen novels, so I can relate!


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