Ode To Glad Press and Seal

This is the story of how Glad Press and Seal  saved my Thankgiving.

So, you know our newish puppy, Jeta...

Overly energetic,  40+ pound ball of enthusiasm.

And my sister in law...

Pie baking relative who drove over an hour with precious pumpkin cargo.

Well, did I ever tell you how much rambunctious pup loves to get into cars?  Any cars? Even cars transporting the piece-de-resistance of our Thanksgiving meal???

So, 40 pound dog and pumpkin pie meet in the trunk of the car with nothing but Glad Press and Seal between paws and pumpkin...

There is a commotion!  There are screams!  The car is rocking back and forth as the dog explores the deep recesses of this new car!

Sister in law emerges with a smile on her face with two Pawprint Pumpkin Pies in her hands...

You can even see the toenail prints in each paw print, yet no pie was harmed in the telling of this tale.  Glad Press and Seal saved the day!  The pie was eaten!  Thanksgiving was saved!

Thanks, Glad.

Jennifer Juniper

**I was not compensated for this post...I just really dig Glad Press and Seal.  And pumpkin pie.

**Don't forget that Tutorial Tuesday is coming up tomorrow and that we are FINALLY discussing the amazing book Gone Girl on Friday!


  1. Wow, that stuff is amazing! Funny story!

  2. That's like our "footprint bar" story. When my mom died a family friend made these absolutely wonderful gooey, chocolatey, scrumptious bars. We were at the funeral home, so she left them on the back step by the sliding doors.
    We came home between visitations & my sister was going to get the pan of bars but before she could, my dad opened the sliding doors to go out with the dogs & step smack into the middle of the pan!!! The wrapping over the bars saved them, except for his giant shoe print in the middle.
    Ever since then the recipe is now called "footprint bars"!!!

  3. Yay for Glad!!!!! This should really be made into a commercial :)


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