This Ain't Your Grandma's Tupperware Party!

Some friends and I got tickets to one of the hottest shows in Pittsburgh last month, called Dixie's Tupperware Party.  The Big Guy was able to pull some strings and get me center stage tickets to the sold out show!

Dixie is just a single mom tryin' to support her 3 kids by sellin' lots of "crap".  Her favorite name is "Hooker" and she loves to talk about new and unusual uses for her Tupperware.  The whole show was pretty hilarious, raunchy, and unexpected.

But, the biggest surprise?  It is ACTUALLY a Tupperware Party!  She is actually the top selling Tupperware consultant in the USA!  I even bought something!

Above is a photo of Dixie cradling my actual can opener...I KNOW!

We had fun, we drank funny drinks (mine was called "Shut up Hooker!"), we laughed, we cried...it was a great girl's night out.  Thanks Dixie, you Hooker!

Okay, I just googled her and she has shows coming up in Cleveland and Denver so get a ticket early if you can!  Oh, and tell Dixie I said hi :)

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