Late Night Politics


With the Presidential race in full swing, it seems the candidates are looking for exposure anyplace they can get it.  Obama has appeared on Letterman and Romney on Leno...even the First Lady has appeared on Jimmy Fallon.

It's Feedback Friday...

Do these late night appearances endear a candidate to you?

Does a late night appearance live up to the dignity of their position?

Would a late night appearance change your mind about a candidate?


  1. The dignity of the position went straight out the window four years ago and this President continues to degrade the office by being interviewed by anyone and everyone i.e. The Pimp with the Limp......

  2. My husband and I were recently contestants on Let's Make A Deal and in part of the paperwork we had to sign that we were not running for office, b/c supposedly being on TV that would have given us an unfair advantage in the election?!?!?!?! I wonder if presidential candidates are under the same restrictions? I don't have a problem with candidates appearing on talk shows, for the most part it is just an interview. If I was a Democrat, I'd go on every talk show out there. However, if I was ever a Republican candidate there is no way I'd go on any of them-I think serial killers or child molester are shown more respect.

  3. I don't watch late night TV so it doesn't matter to me at all. I see it as any other type of interview situation. If they want to do it then they should go for it.

  4. I'll start by saying my husband and I are quite political..... These types of interviews don't get much validation from me. I've not seen Mitt Romney lately on late night TV (Ann was on one in September, I believe). It drives me crazy to see Obama (as I haven't seen Romney) sit next to a late night interviewer and basically say whatever he wants to say without being contradicted or questioned about his statements. Hard questions don't get asked, and when they do, they get sweet talked around and personally, I don't care who Obama wanted to win the world series, or what was getting handed out on Halloween .... although he only mentioned Ohio children would be getting full sized Hershey bars. Anyway, I hope voters see these interviews for what they are ~ getting there faces out there and making themselves sound amazing. Hopefully gets educated on the real policies and solutions both men see and make an educated vote on Tuesday.


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