Trick or Treat! Finally!

Our trick or treat got postponed due to the coming of Sandy last week but the boys finally got to go on Saturday!  You have no idea how hard it was to hold them off!

 We had one creepy little devil:

And an 11 year old's attempt at irony - a pretty princess with a mustache surprise:

The original plan was to have a full mustache, beard, and chest hair but alas we lost those main components right before Halloween. They turned up yesterday! 

 I always dress up for Trick or Treat with the boys and this year I was a cat, thanks to this $3 kitty hat from Target and a makeup inspiration from Pinterest:


Finally, the next morning it was time to sort, arrange and catalog all candy. This was a 1 hour process! My youngest son is OBSESSED with candy! 

And here's his list...just because... 

Do you dress up for trick or treat?


Tara just sent me the most hilarious video about just this subject!


  1. You son makes me laugh. Have you seen this video yet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGdYhmFH-DQ Somehow I think you'll be able to relate:)

  2. Love the costumes ~ my kids hysterically laughed at your darling princess. :) Your youngest has quite the candy system going on. Mine just have a dump and beg system.


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