Simple Charging Station

Since Christmas, I have been collecting boxes, making plans, googling ideas, saving things on Pinterest...all to come up with a fancy charging station for the 6+ gadgets in our home.  There were routinely cords everywhere and it was a giant mess the way it was.

I finally took a step back and settled for a more simple version that gets the job done.

Rather than monkeying with building something, I looked around to make use of things I already had in my house.  What did I end up with?  Sharpies and a multi-socket plug adapter!

We each chose a color for our chargers and used the Sharpies to color the cube and the ends of the plugs.  Then I picked an out of the way spot on the counter to devote to our charging station.  6 adapters plug into one outlet and I can pull the whole adapter out and stash it in a drawer in the morning.

Phones and ipods are all in one place, everyone can identify their own charger, easy to move, simple.

Easy peasy.

What solution have you come up with for charging phones and gadgets?


  1. I love it! Sometimes the best solutions are the easiest ones. Did you put a clear coat of nail polish over the sharpie to keep it from getting wiped off?

  2. Isn't it funny how we get so used to making things that we sometimes forget there might be something to solve our problem already readily accessible?! Glad you found something will work for you :)


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