Pinterest Pass or Fail?

So, I've been busy trying all the pins I save every day, just not very good at reporting back to you!

I was feeling crafty last week and one of the first pins I saved to my Soul Sister's Projects Board was this Plastic Spoon Flower (originating at duitang.com)...because nothing says girlfriends like holding plastic spoons over an open flame? Who knows.

Look how cool this flower looks! Look how easy this tutorial is!

Yeah, not so much.  Here are my "petals":

I tried several times but never got anything useable, just these charred black, curled up spoons.  AND I almost set off my smoke detector and I think there is also a hole in the ozone layer directly above my kitchen.


What pins have YOU tried lately?



  1. THere are so many things I think are gorgeous in theory but just know i could never make - that is one of them. I am so thankful for posts like this that show how deceiving pinterst can be ;o)

  2. Ok. I actually laughed out loud ( so thought I would spell it out too ..hehe ).
    I'm so sorry.But that was funny.:)I've seen that pin before, always thought it looked odd..*shrug* To each her own:)
    Good luck on the next project, whatever that may be!

  3. Looks like your'e being stalked up there....anyhoo, I haven't pinned much lately. I did, however, use a Pin that had you rubber band and empty tissue box next to a full one, to serve as a waste box for used tissues. I thought it worked quite nicely:


    maybe your spoons were some kinda weird plastic??

    1. I forgot about the tissue box thing. Great for when you're sick!

  4. That is so sad. You should post it to Craft Fail.

    Lately, I've been trying to wear outfits I've pinned. Several disasters there.

  5. Oh how you made me laugh! So sorry it didn't work out, but rest assured, it happens to all of us ;)

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  7. I have blogger, too, and for some reason i've had quite a few SPAM like you have above making it through the filters. It is usually really good at catching spam I wonder what is going on. I thought it was because I changed my domain name and got rid of the long blogspot addy. But since you are getting them, too, it must be blogger.

    I think that it is great that you tried this craft. I'm thinking that they spray painted the project for picture purposes. I pin a lot and so far things that I have tried, like recipes, so far so good. My teens pinned the lollipops made from jolly ranchers and that project actually works.

    Keep it up! Have a super week!

  8. Did you use good quality spoons? Maybe the plastic was too thick. If you used the really cheap, flimsy, ones they might melt before they burned.

    1. The spoons were on the thick side... That could be the problem

  9. I bet your house smelt lovely ;)
    Finally have an O{pin}ion post up ~ mostly recipes this week.http://ordinarymiraclesoflife.blogspot.com/2013/02/opinions.html


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