Designer (Drug) Fashion - Feedback Friday

The proclaimed "celebrity fashion hot spot", Kitson, has recently released this new Brian Lichtenberg collection of designer (drug) t-shirts called the BLTEE collection.  The website describes the collection as follows:

"The BLTEE line by Los Angeles designer, Brian Lichtenberg has taken over the fashion industry by spoofing high fashion desingers logos. Kitson brings to you the entire line of HomiƩs here, so pick out a color and a logo and wear it proud! (credit)

It's Feedback Friday...

What are your thoughts about the Kitson t-shirt collection? Irresponsible or a funny spoof?

Would you be comfortable with your teen wearing these shirts?


  1. I think it's tasteless regardless of who is wearing the shirt. These drugs are used for legitimate health reasons and abusers give them bad names. Then, the people that actually use them have to deal with the stigma around using them.

  2. Ugh. I completely agree with the poster before - they´re totally tasteless.

  3. Ridiculous-even more so at $58.

    The "You might also Like" thingy led me to a pb chocolate cake and I pinned it, bc I am pretty sure I will "Like".

    1. Don't you know nothing goes better with adderall than pb chocolate cake?!

  4. I wouldn't buy it, but they don't offend me. I do like that part of the proceeds goes to help a charity.

  5. After attending my kids' drug awareness program & learning just how addictive & abused these prescriptive drugs are - it really bothered me to see them made out to be "cool" & "trendy" when the can be devastating when not used correctly.


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