Sweater MIttens and a Yummy Piece of Cake

 (Maripan, Treat Girl, & Joy)

The Soul Sisters were back in action for another crafty afternoon of mitten making...Sweater Mittens, that is.

We all arrived at Marzipan's house with bags of old sweaters, fleece in a rainbow of colors, and old wool suits.  We printed out the pattern from a tutorial on Make and Do Girl Blog and started to cut...

Pretty soon we had a pile of tops and bottoms and insides and outsides ready to assemble.

 Cake break... (recipe on Marzipan's blog)

Here is a complete pair of mitten liners...


Getting a little silly as we sampled some Kombucha while wearing pot holder sized mittens...

Check out the cute little SCOBY babies used to make the tea...

(baby SCOBY)

So, we cut the sweaters, sipped the tea, sewed the mittens, ate the cake, and laughed and talked and screamed in between.  Another great afternoon with girlfriends...

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  1. Waaaaaay fun!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again for hosting Marzipan! Can't wait to do it again :)


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