Clean Eating Challenge

I am preparing for our summer vacation in June and love this Clean Eating Challenge I found online!

Seriously, every single thing you need to get started on a 14 day detox is wrapped up in a nice, little package with this program. 

Menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2 snacks per day
Shopping lists
Menu calendars
Prep lists
Food ID charts with beautiful photos of each meal

I started on Monday of this week and have only cheated once (I threw a brownie in the garbage and then picked it back out and ate it.  I swear, I've turned into an animal when it comes to sugar).  The food is delicious and filling and just the jump start I needed to get back to real food.  I just celebrated a birthday, and let me tell you, this 43 year old body needs all the help I can give it!  I'm just not bouncing back like I used to.  I say all the time that I exercise more and eat less that ever and I weigh MORE than ever!  I think I need a reset to try to get some control over what I put in my body.

Anyone want to do it with me?

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