Recipe for Goop, Gloop, Snot...Whatever

How can these three ingredients buy you an hour of peace and quiet? Stir 'em up and just watch your kids dig in to the gooey mess with looks of pure bliss. Luckily, it doesn't stick to their skin so it's easy to clean up. Call it science and your back on track for Mom of the Year.

Goop, Gloop Recipe

1/4 cup cornstarch

4 oz. white glue

1/4 cup liquid starch

Add glue and cornstarch to a bowl and mix well, add liquid starch and stir for 2 minutes to form Goop. Add kids and play.
ps (sorry about the sideways pics, it's been a long day for me and my computer)

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  1. Awesome blog. I haven't tried making the gloop yet but will let you know how it goes.

    Cheers from NZ


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