What Would Randy Pausch Do?

Being from Pittsburgh, I forget that not everyone may be familiar with Randy Pausch. Randy is a Carnegie Mellon University Professor who is battling pancreatic cancer. He gave his "last lecture" in October and I read it the next day in our local newspaper. I will never forget sitting at the table that Sunday morning reading his words - the advice he wanted to pass on to his students and, more importantly, his three young children.

Tears streamed down my face as I read his lecture while the Sunday morning hustle and bustle went on around me. Having three children of my own made this really hit home. What would I want to leave with my children at the end of my days? Could I deliver that speech in front of a lecture hall full of students and community members? How could I stop feeling sorry for myself long enough to live what was left of my life to the fullest? In his words, how could I continue to "have fun"? For that matter...do I have enough "fun" with them now?

As I said, I read his lecture and it carried power, but I was recently forwarded an email with a video of his speech reprised for the Oprah show. It was the first time I could watch his face as he spoke the words and look at the photos he displayed to make each point. I could see how healthy he looked, knowing his prognosis. It is hard to watch, but inspiring and enlightening, too. I think it's a must see for anyone who has children or is some one's child. Let us live life like Randy Pausch would. To view the video click here: http://video.stumbleupon.com/#p=ithct48cqw

To follow Randy's story through his own blog see here: http://download.srv.cs.cmu.edu/~pausch/news/index.html

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  1. What a great speech and daily reminder of how to live. I'm sending it to everyone I know.


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