Remember Guns N Roses?

I guess it's true that good song writing stands the test of time. Remember the band Guns N Roses? (if not, you are waaaay too young to be reading this blog!) When I remember back to the days of high hair and black eyeliner (who, me?) I think of this band playing in the background as we "cruised" Main Street from the bowling alley to Mcdonald's on Saturday nights. (again, if you have to ask what "cruising" is, just go...)

Can you hear you and your friends singing along to Sweet Child of Mine out the window on a summer night? Well, just look at the lyrics in a new way. Read as prose, the lyrics are sensitive and beautiful - very unlike the band's image! Look at your own child and say the words quietly to yourself. Did you feel the lump in your throat for a minute? I think these lyrics (unexpectedly) fall into the category of good writing and I wanted to share.

ps (this frame is a wedding gift from a daughter to her father because this was always "their song". Thank you for making me feel very old)


  1. take me down to paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty...now THATS the Guns and Roses I know and love.
    (I had a bandana like Axel...shhh dont tell anyone)

  2. P.S. You and I must be twins separated at birth. I made a paper clip retainer TOO!!

  3. I love the blue...It's perfect for this frame.


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