A Boy and His Team

I snapped this photo at the end of this weekend's football game. I love the body language of the team all 'taking a knee' and listening to Coach. Munchkin #1 is playing flag one more season to prepare him for his first season of tackle in the fall. I hate to see all those kids taking down my own, but I guess it's right of passage in a boy's life to try out for the football team. And, I suppose, it's my duty to sit on the sideline cringing and praying.

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  1. I love watching my son play any sport. They look so cute in the uniforms! My munchkin played tackle last fall. It's a huge commitment but taught the kids discipline and teamwork. My (56-pound) munchkin decided not to play on the 115-pound team next fall - we're going for inline hockey instead - more equipment to purchase! Good luck!


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