Typewriter Key Necklace!

Look at these cool typewriter key inspired beads I stumbled upon today! I love the vintage look and bought them before I knew what to do with them. I got home and decided to turn them into initial necklaces to sell in my shop.

I strung each bead on a black coated cotton rope (8 mm) and they fasten with a lobster clasp. It's just the type of jewelry I'd wear, simple and unique.

You'll notice the lovely moss I photographed with it which was a gift from a good friend who acknowledges my quirks (such as the love of moss) and feeds them.

I only have a limited supply of these keys, so it's first come first served. I have 2 of some of the letters and only 1 of others. I think I'm going to keep the "J" for me. I listed them just today at $10 apiece and they come in a unique gift box.

If you'd like to order one from my shop click here: http://www.hopestudios.etsy.com

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  1. I love the photo. placing them on the moss was a great idea.
    They look great! Good luck!


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