Mother's Day Tea at Preschool

Helper Munchkin invited me to Mother's Day Tea at preschool today. The kids decorated the room for us, drew us pictures,

and made us gifts, (a stepping stone I can put in my new shade garden we planted this spring) and sang and danced for us.

Their teacher interviewed the kids prior to the tea and wrote down their answers to read to the group.

Here are Munchkins's answers:

My mother's name is- Mom.(Maybe he's a little slow...)
My father's name is- Dad.(At least he didn't say dumbass)
My mother is - 60 years old. (Now, we all know I tell them I'm 28...again!)
My father is- 62 years old. (that one is funny since it's not me)
Mom's favorite food is- salad (um...okay, as long as it's covered with cheese and chicken and french fries and ranch)
Dad's favorite food is- steak (He knows this but not our names?!)
When I'm as school my mom- makes picture frames (Bingo!)
and my dad- goes to work
My mom likes to- make frames (hmmm, too much frame time?)
My dad likes to- catch fish (yes dear, daddy can't come to your game because he's fishing...again!)
I love my mom because- she gives me hugs. (he's sucking up at this point)
I love my dad because- he gives me hugs.(ditto, I swear he winked at me as the teacher read this)

Now, there was a time when I worked for Pampered Chef, about 2 years ago, and my middle son participated in this same tea with the same teacher. We all sat there tearing up as the teacher read each child's answers: for fun my mom likes to hug me, or play with me, or give me treats...and then it was my turn. The teacher looked around the room and said, "Ben said, when I'm at school my mom likes to watch TV, and for fun my mom likes to go to parties!" I never felt like such an ass in my life! I shrunk into my chair and weakly said "He means Pampered Chef Parties...it's my job...I really never go out any other time...heh, heh..."

So, needless to say, I was cringing as she read the answers this year but it came out okay. You'd think I'd have some compassion for the mom who's kid said she was 100 years old and that for fun she likes to go shopping and spend money while daddy goes to work to make money, but I laughed right along with everyone else. I did her a favor, you gotta have a thick skin for this mom stuff.

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