Father's Day Frames

I just completed a Father's Day order that warms my heart. I love the secret language of family. Those little words you make up to speak to each other that no one else would understand, there is often a story behind each phrase that only you know. You are linked by this mysterious speak in a special way.

I got an order for just such a frame last week. She sent me the quotes and asked for my impressions regarding font. I knew exactly how I thought it should look. I wanted the lettering to support the feeling of the words and when I described what I was thinking she agreed.

I think these are beautiful reminders of this family's secret language that will be cherished long after these little children are grown and speaking these words to their own kids.

Happy Father's Day a bit early!
Contact me at jsneill@zoominternet.net to place a special order of your own.

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