'Tis the Season...

Vacation season has rolled around my neighborhood and that means it's time for pranks. You never know what you'll come home to around here.

I pulled out some old staples from my prank stockpile, fake flowers from the dollar store. I think the prank thing started with these flowers. Here's the story:

When I moved in here, 4 years ago, my new neighbors were also getting established and seemed to have a Frontgate box on their porch every other day. Frontgate is expensive! We got to know them and noticed nearly every outdoor thing was from that store...even their marshmallow sticks!!! Well, that is ridiculous we thought. We must call this to their attention. Stop the madness!

So, I purchased lots of corny lawn ornaments and "silk" flowers from the dollar store and used a Sharpie to write "Frontgate" on everything (so they would be worthy), and filled their whole yard. They got home and we all got a chuckle, but then I went on vacation and they filled my front yard with a clothesline of big underpants! Brilliant! I have to become friends with these people!

Since then, we've branched out to all the neighbors (like it or not) and have decorated something here and there over the years; Pez dispenser Christmas trees, yard sale underpants, but I still think one of the best was the BIG bra I found one day that had cups that could fit over my husband's whole head. We hung it between the pillars on my neighbor's front porch. Ahhh...good times...

The flowers have made another appearance beautifying the neighborhood while our friends sunned and funned on vaca.

Now, I know this looks tame, but that is the beauty of this prank. I tried to arrange the flowers tastefully so that passersby might think someone intentionally "planted" them, like the old lady down the street we all make fun of. It's embarrassing on so many levels as you drive up and wonder how many people saw this and think you are a lazy/tacky gardener. MMMMWWWWAAAAAHHHH, AAAHHH, AAAHHH!!!

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  1. Jennifer Juniper!!!!....you can get old but never, NEVER grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Rock on sister friend!!!!!


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