My Life With Boys

I guess this blog has become part-time journal, part-time injury log. Hey, that's just life with boys. We photograph the injuries for some sick reason so we can look back and laugh (?) someday. Our family album is a twisted ode to bruises, stitches, scrapes, lost teeth, and broken bones. Mother of the year over here!

I was driving to school today and it occurred to me that we have even begun to measure time via injuries: "Hey, honey, when was the last time we changed the oil in the car?" "Well, Ben's cast was just put on so about a month ago." or "I can't remember the last time we went (where ever)" "Remember? It was the week we took Sam to the ER for hives!" "Hey, did we go to the beach the first time Ben knocked out his teeth or the second?" Ahhh, good times...

Well, this is the latest. Want the story? Sam sleepwalks, and sleep talks, and has night terrors (yeah, I know, you're jealous) so when he woke up at 4 am screaming about the lizards attacking him "Oh, mama, it hurts so bad! The lizards are biting me!" It never occurred to me to turn on the light and check him out. I just settled him down and went back to bed. He wandered back out a few minutes later and told his dad about the big log that hurt him and, again, we laid him back down. Finally, he came in a third time and I figured I'd have to turn on the light to end this dream (yes, he was still asleep and dreaming during all this) so I brought him into the bathroom and turned on the light and was stunned!!!

My husband came around the corner to this scene: Sam on the counter crying and covered with blood, me standing there covered with blood and passing out on the floor at the same time. I'm not even squeamish but I was so shocked I just went down! My husband just looked at us and said, "Oh baby! What happened??? (pause) What's the matter with YOU?" (that guy didn't even help me up!)

Turns out he was sleep walking and smashed his face on the corner of the dresser and it went all the way through his lip! EWWWWW!!!

A day in the life with three boys, stay tuned you "girl mom's" I can tell you stories that you'd never believe!


  1. OH! Poor monkey! Wow...I didn't know he had all those nighttime issues. Remember Alan used to do that kind of thing?
    Give him a hug for me? Poor thing. :(
    I could totally see myself passing out if Ray had done something like that to himself!

  2. ugh, thats awful! That poor boy,I hope his lip/face feels better soon.
    I have been fortunate to only have one set of stitches thusfar with my boys, but after seeing them at the pool this summer I am thinking I had better warm up my insurance card.

  3. Ouch! Boys are so different from girls! My Ben looks battered and beaten with all the bruises, cuts, and scrapes everywhere! Hope your son feels better soon! Make him lots of smoothies to drink through a straw!


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