Get Set For a Sewing Bee!

I'm so excited for next week!!! My girlfriends and I have planned a "Sewing Bee" :) to all learn how to make this great bag my friend just made! We are all loading up the kids and setting up our sewing machines on my back patio hooked up to a power strip so we can watch kids and sew all afternoon. Hey, I need to suck up the estrogen where I can get it. You don't know what it's like living here in this sea of testosterone!

I'm excited about it, but each time I bring it up my husband blurts out some comment..."How old are you guys, anyway?" "Sounds like torture to me!" "I won't be there." Yes, it's an old lady thing, but it's not like we're making a quilt! This bag is fun and funky and I think we can bring the sewing bee concept into this century. Oh, and this cuts down on the number of times he has to bitch about me buying a new bag...win win!

This is my group of girls who meet for coffee once a month, each of us always brings whatever it is we're working on at the moment and everyone else ooohs, and ahhhs, and asks questions...it's so fun! The last time we got together everyone brought their laptops and we all taught each other the details of blogging the others didn't know. Between the 4 of us we figured out how to add music, a live link, a blog list...it was so informative. Did I mention I was stuffing my face with lemon pound cake the whole time? Yeah, learning and food - count me in.

I'll take some pictures and let you know how it went. If you need me I'll be at Joann's Fabric picking out my fabric.

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  1. I too am filled with anticipation! Can't wait to see the fabrics everyone picks out. Maybe I'll see you at JoAnn's - coupon in hand!


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