The Tradition Lives On

I woke up this morning and kissed my husband and ran into my son's closet to pull out "the dress" for the annual anniversary tradition that began 11 years ago!

I must have known I was destined for boys because it never even occurred to me to preserve my dress for the future. I couldn't bear only viewing it through a little plastic window. I want to feel it and smell it and wear it around a bit once a year (or more). I still keep it in the hanging bag it came in where it's easily accessible and ready for me whenever.

Each year on my anniversary I pull it out and try it on at some point in the day. One year I ran over to my neighbor's house to watch some beauty pageant with it on. We sat on the couch drinking wine, her in her jammies and me in my dress and watched Miss America or something. Her husband was puzzled, but kept it to himself.

This year, I ran around the backyard, went down to get the newspaper at the end of the driveway, and ate Cheerios in it. We watched our video and cried and then I danced to the reception songs. Two of my boys kept asking me when I was going to take it off and the other one kept hugging me. I told my oldest I was wearing it to his football game today and he looked at me with fear in his eyes then ran to his dad to tell on me!

Before I took it off I took my annual photo and sent it to all my friend's cell phones then I finally put it away for another year. Happy Anniversary to us! :)


  1. I just LOVE it!...You really know how to have fun! I'm sure your kids will have lots of "crazy Mom" stories to tell their friends in college!

  2. I'm thrilled for you that it has fit you all these years!!!!....I myself have never had my dress preserved either....it's still hanging in the garment bag. I have never tried it on again!!....hmmmm, now you've got me thinking!!

  3. You are such a nut! Hey...thank God it still fits, huh? :)
    Hope you guys had a great day! 12 years? Wow...that went FAST! I hit my 11th next month! Wonder if my dress still fits. Never liked mine as much as yours though. It truly was a “princess dress!” What a beautiful day that was!

    Love ya!

  4. That is AWESOME. there is NO WAY I could still fit into my size 10 wedding dress now.

    I too have nothing but boys but still have my dress that I must preserve at all costs. who knows, maybe someday I will have a granddaughter who wants to wear it.

  5. lovely so happy to read your life. God bless you

  6. Would caption of photo be "The Running of the Fool"? LOVE your joie de vivre!


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