Did you say bubblewrap?

To know me is to know my obsession with free or recycled packaging materials for my little business. Little did I know, that my friends take this quirk very seriously! They stop by now and then with random boxes or bags of bubble wrap. I might find them tucked under my patio table or presented as a gift once in awhile. I have to say, I remember where I got each scrap and think of my wonderfully strange friends and smile.

Well, today I noticed a familiar mini-van pulling into the driveway with a waving driver and I ran down to see what was up. She threw open the sliding door and I felt like Charlie seeing the Chocolate Factory for the first time! Bubble wrap was bursting out of the door and bags and bags of Styrofoam peanuts were stuffed in every nook and cranny!

When she told me she rode three hours with three kids that way to transport this stuff from her dad's house...I knew I'd found a kindred spirit! Thank you to my crazy friend for thinking of me and going to so much trouble. Friends are what it's all about, isn't it? I love my girls!


  1. I can just see it now - bags of bubblewrap on each kid's lap for three hours. There's nothing like a good friend!

  2. I'm smiling.......when my Dad said he had 8 hefty bags of packing peanuts he didn't know what to do with I thought of you!!!...it makes my heart happy to help a friend.....and the world is a more wonderful place with friends like you in it!!


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