My Little World of Moss

I came home from Hershey Park today (more about that tomorrow) to a little gift from my sister. It was from another Etsyian who makes these sweet little terrariums for your home. MadeByMavis creates a tiny world to lose yourself in, whether at your desk or in your kitchen. So easy to care for - got a spray bottle? You're set! Mine is a "little world of moss" with a tiny clover peaking through in the center. Imagine gazing into this lush, green, mossy land in the dead of winter??? I'm sold!


  1. How adorable!!!!.....I want one too!!!.......maybe we should do these on our hike at McConnells Mills????.......whadda think?????

  2. I'm SO happy you like it...and that it shipped well!!! I have to admit I was a little worried about ordering a live plant, but it looks like it did just fine.
    I love the name, don't you? :)


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