Super Giveaway for You!

Check out this bag you can enter to win by Sew Gracious! I've tried my hand at this bag thing, and it's no joke. They require lots of love and attention to detail. You can click HERE to read about the details of entering this contest. I'm pretty sure the saying goes: "You can never be too rich, too skinny, or own too many bags" Good luck to all!


  1. What a cute place to visit!!!...I'm also wanting to make aprons!!!....vintage ones!!...I saw one on Blissfull Living that I really want to make...maybe I can try and recreate it without a pattern....my Mom sent me an apron for mother's day...it's really cute and I wore it around all day with my shorts :)...who knows if I'll ever wear it again??...maybe.

  2. What a great blog jennifer juniper! I love it.......great pics too and i cannot stop laughing at your views after watching the SATC movie.
    Shadow :)


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