My Favorite Beach Photos

Continuing on the theme of my beach vacation, I wanted to show you my favorite shots from this trip. Most of them are accidental treasures I stumbled upon, the shots I try to set up and compose never work out. It's better to be a fly on the wall, camera in hand...
I asked my boys to climb up to the top of this sandy dune for a photo, but the trip up appealed to me more than the portrait.

This photo was to be of a huge, old, limping seagull on the beach way south of our beach. As I approached it and snapped, it took off and my son walked into the frame. Quite by accident, I got a photo with balance and heart.

As always, I love to photograph from behind and capture the real moments of family interaction.

Walking off the beach one afternoon I spotted these two bikes together like this. I thought the way they were leaning and the blue and pink suggested a couple on a beach vacation together...a little beach bike love...


  1. I love the photos - you got some great pictures and great memories of your vacation!

  2. You need to add the bike photo to your Etsy collection. It's really good.

  3. Is the bike one for sale in your Etsy shop????.....love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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