Vacation, continued...

Top 10 reasons Avalon/Stone Harbor New Jersey is my favorite summer vacations spot:

1. The waves are mild enough for my 5 year old yet still fun for my 9 year old. There are no drop-offs so even toddlers can play in the surf!

2. The sand bar that magically appears at low tide every day. The kids venture out much further than seems possible and stand ankle deep. It's an adventure every day!

3. The nice, clean beach that is groomed daily by a giant man (he's got to be 350 lbs) in a tractor who eats and waves to the kids each morning.

4. The great selection of fresh seafood shops that sell everything from black bass to blue crabs for you to enjoy at home.

5. Beautiful bay views from our windows, yet a short walk to the beach.

6. Shopping on 96th street - it's a nightly adventure to gather on the street and poke into all the shops. The teens ride their bikes or skateboards and go to movies or play guitar on a bench.

7. Mini-golf on the roof tops. My kids will never tire of climbing those skinny stairs to the top of the roof to play a game of golf. They won 3 free games this year!

8. Springer's homemade ice cream is an annual tradition, though you couldn't pay me to stand in that long line on a friday night. We like to go in the afternoons or switch it up for Kohr Bros. custard when there is a line.

9. The new bike lanes they painted on the street. Now, the whole family can ride from the tip of Stone Harbor to the end of Avalon in their own lane!

10. The short drive to Wildwood Crest for the boardwalk

and Cape May for the Lighthouse.

We have photos of our kids in both places for the last 8 years and compare how they've grown as we stand at the top viewing platform of the lighthouse for photos.

In addition to great weather, warm water, great friends, and cold beer these top ten reasons will have me coming back year after year.

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  1. I just love the tradition of going to the same place every year....the comfort of it....knowing what to expect and look forward to....to get the pictures of the boys year after year.....that is a treasure.


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