Inspiration Panic

I have an idea but too much to do before I can work on it. For the creative person, this is torture.

I am behind on about 10 frames at this point, my house is a mess, every waking moment is either frames, homework, or football but I have this idea that is scratching it's way out! It makes me feel all twitchy and nervous, I'm distracted and rushing through everything to make time to sit down and work on this new concept for my shop.

Want a hint??? Well...it has to do with fantastic quotes and photos. You'll just have to wait and get all nervous and twitchy like I am. I'll unveil very soon. I might spend some time this weekend preparing...


  1. You're killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but I can totally relate to the horrible feeling of not being able to see creative results right away!!!....I'll try to be patient, but not for long......how about a teaser on Tuesday???


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