Yearbook Yourself!

If you have not done this yet, it's worth the laugh and the trip down memory lane. I popped into Whimsy girl's blog the other day and saw her photos and had to try for myself. The scary part was that I have actual photos of myself with some of these hairstyle over the years!
I followed all the instructions and took a picture of myself with nothing on my face and started out with this:

Here is how I would have looked in 1950, I'm pretty sure my gramma wore a wig that looked just like this at one time.

And I know I have another photo of my gramma that looks just like this with the glasses! I think the best thing about this photo is that I have four ears...

I have a yearbook photo of my mom with this EXACT hairstyle in the late 60's!

This is where things start to get scary, I'm pretty sure this is the hairstyle I had around 4th grade or so, it was the one right after the "Dorothy Hamill" cut.

Again, I have no excuse for this, and things are starting to become a bit blurred as to whether this is an actual photograph of me or not. I think I might have been the photoshop hair model they used for this example from 1988:

And this is exactly what I looked like the year I graduated from college and was still dating my husband, again, my apologies:

Now, go! Yearbook yourself!!!


  1. Thanks for the laugh - I needed it!

  2. JEN! So funny! I have three favorites!
    Don't know if this will take on here, so here are the links. Ha-ha! Funny!

  3. NO wonder you can't get any crap done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...I'm afraid to try it!!!


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