Stocked Up On Estrogen

We met, we drank (coffee), we conquered the world's problems...at least those involving, recipes, sewing, or finding the perfect pair of jeans... So, I'd say coffee with the girls was a success.

There is nothing like a coffee shop full of women, all talking at once, to put a look of fear into a poor man walking in for his morning coffee. We whirled in and took over the joint then packed up all our stuff and swept out just as fast - things to do, places to go. Life interrupts (like the guy waiting in my driveway to replace my windshield), but those precious times with the girls is what keeps me going. Thanks for the monthly estrogen dose, ladies, I don't know what I'd do without you!

As an aside, we found a treasure in that little coffee shop! I simple rack of greeting cards so profound - for a lover of the written word it was heaven. Take a look at this amazing line of "quotable" products that has me going back to read more each night since I found it.

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  1. I truly think that we could talk for days. I'm don't know if that is awesome or scarry.


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