Bird's Nest Home Decor

I love to collect fallen bird's nests. I am fascinated by the intricate things a small bird can accomplish with two feet and a beak. Usually, I fill the outside windowsills of my house with the nests, tucking them into the corners here and there. As I find feathers or shells I add them to the nests, it's an ever-evolving collection.
I was thumbing through an issue of Good Housekeeping last month and noticed a bird's nest display on someones kitchen counter and knew this was the solution to my display dilemma, a way for me to bring the outside in. I tried to duplicate the idea here.
Gather your supplies:

An apothecary jar
Bird's nests (please don't remove these from trees, I only take those that have blown down in the wind)
Feathers, broken shells
Twisty branches in the shape of a "Y" to support the nests.

Place the largest nest in the bottom of the jar and arrange a few unusual feathers or your shells inside

Next, place several branches above and around the nest and arrange them to cradle a smaller nest

Rest your smaller nest in the crook of the branch

It looks like a tiny tree under glass. You can add to it as you find treasures, but avoid cluttering it up. The simplicity of the branches and nests are beautiful alone.


  1. Alrighty then........another thing of beauty that I can treasure!!! Thanks for the inspiration,Miss!

  2. Very Sweet...I'm still enjoying my terrarium. Was thinking about using some of my 40% coupons to purchase some terrariums to put together for christmas gifts...I'm just not sure that anyone would appreciate/enjoy them as much as I do. I had better decide before the frost decides for me!

  3. Very creative work!! Best as home decor!!

  4. I love this idea. Thanks for sharing. I am so glad I found your blog!

    Karol :0)

  5. I like this. great blog by the way! We have two nests on our front and back porch that I would just love to get...but alas they have the sweetest little birds in them! I love it.
    Have a blessed day!

  6. What a lovely project! I left all my bird's nests in California... but I'll keep my eye out for abandoned nests here in PA.

    Gorgeous & simple, and a reminder of the beauty of nature.


  7. I recently found 3 empty birds nests and this is a great idea. I am posting your link on my blog later today on my post showing my found nests.


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