The Hunt is On!

We climbed onto the dusty wagon for our annual hayride to the pumpkin patch, and I realized there is a running banter between my husband and I concerning the boys. I started to feel deja vu as it went down just the same as last year...

Don't push your brother, move over and give him room! Hurry, everyone get together for a picture, come on just one picture! We're not leaving until I get a picture and everyone will be staring at you! Smile...smile...SMILE!!! Now, move over, don't push your brother. Can you read the sign??? It SAYS no throwing the straw, just like every year. Hey, did you hear me? I just told your brother no throwing straw!
Ooooh, look at the scary scarecrow, guys! Well, I think it's scary. Wait until the tractor stops, wait til the tractor stops, WAIT! Okay, go ahead. Look for a pumpkin. You know what ... let's get a picture near this pile of pumpkins here. Come here, come here, COME HERE and get a picture! Only one, now smile...look at me and smile...SMILE or we're not getting back on the wagon and everyone will stare at you! Okay, good. No, it was only one picture, wait I need another one, you're eyes were closed. Good.

If you can't lift it, you can't buy it! No, that's too big - it will cost a fortune! No, if you can't carry it to the wagon you can't get it, no I'm not carrying your pumpkin. Get a smaller one! Oh, okay, Daddy said he'd carry it.

Now get back onto the wagon, get one the wagon before it leaves, HURRY UP! Now, move to the middle. I know you want the edge but it's full, just move in, move in, move in...oh, thank you sir...sorry. Ooooh, look at the scary scarecrow! Well, I think it's scary!

Wait until the tractor stops, wait, WAIT! Okay, go ahead and walk around the back of the wagon. Walk around the back, the BACK! Wait, did he go to the front when I just said the back??? He's trapped now, go get your brother, HURRY! Okay, get in line to pay, where's your brother? Where's your brother? He went to find YOU!

It's going to cost HOW MUCH??? Honey, do you have any money?


  1. Sound like you had a really enjoyable family moment out there!

  2. Sounds familiar! The important thing is you got the pumpkins!


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