Do You Shutterfly?

I have to say, I learned how to make a photo book on Shutterfly last winter and have been addicted ever since. I started with a Christmas gift for my mother in law and included photos of all the grandchildren with captions. She cried and I was hooked!

Next, I made one for my boys after returning home from Disney last spring. I felt like that trip was so momentous it warranted something over the top (like Disney). I put more time and thought into this one and created a story book. It began with the title of "The ______ Boys Adventure in the Land of Disney" and each page told a story of their adventures in strange new lands. We read it together like a bedtime book. They love that it's a real book about them and laugh at the photos and remember that great trip.

After the big 70th birthday party last week, I decided it's time for another. I chose to put large pictures on the pages and tried to arrange it artfully (they help you with that with a built in page arranger!). I used the photo editor (included on the site!) to transform each picture into a timeless sepia tone and chose heartfelt quotes I've collected over the past year.

I chose a hardback cover with a photo and could even print the title on the spine! It's about as professional a book as I've ever seen and it's so personal. I really love it and wanted to share with you since they are 30% off right now. Click here to begin your own book.

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  1. How timely!!!!.....I did one for my daughters 13th birthday and showed it to my sister in law...they leave for disney next week and she wants to do one for her parents as a thank you for taking them....we go for the first time in November and I told her I'd scout around for a source!!..well, I'm done!!!!


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