Where do you draw inspiration? How do you capture it?

For years I've kept a notebook full of things I found inspiring, but often forgot I had it or only pulled it out to add something new. I want to be inspired unexpectedly, to look at those things everyday, to pull from it something different each time.

I wasn't aware of it, but I noticed I have "inspiration" boards all around my home now. I tack up anything I find beautiful, thought provoking, memory making. I come upon them at different times of the day and see something new or feel something new many times each day; and, man, is that INSPIRING!

To make my boards I use cork trivets with fabric hot glued on top Or for my favorite, I used wine corks I've collected, and deep picture frames. Sometimes they are called shadowbox frames or maybe just deep enough to accommodate an extra thick matte.

Remove the glass and insert the back into the frame. Use this as the base to glue your corks.

Hot Glue works fine for this, but you could use any kind of adhesive. Turn the corks so the label shows, it will add inspiration and interest, and change the direction from vertical to horizontal in a pattern for texture. The last corks can be easily trimmed to fit with scissors or a blade.

Rehang your cork board and tack anything you love, magazine pictures, photos, seed packets, recipes, event tickets and be inspired!


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....I to have stuff tacked up and dangling all over the place!!!!...but I may have room for another cute wine cork frame somewhere!.....how can I keep up with you??!!!

  2. This is really cute!! Now I know what to do with my corks!


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