Rose Cupcakes!

I have had this Pampered Chef silicone flower shaped cupcake pan in my cupboard for about a year and have never used it. I decided last week's girly craft and coffee day was the perfect opportunity to dust it off and fire it up.

Using a yellow cake batter, I made these beautiful cupcakes that popped out of the pan like a dream. I drizzled a lime infused simple syrup on top when they were still hot from the oven and mixed up a confectioner's sugar lime glaze to finish them before serving.

The simple syrup is just that...SIMPLE! Use it to make all of your cakes and cupcakes moist and delicious!

Simple Syrup
Mix equal parts sugar and water and boil on the stove top until slightly thickened. I added some lime juice and peel to infuse the lime flavor, but you could try vanilla extract (or a vanilla bean!), almond extract, or your favorite flavoring.

This versatile recipe can also be kept on hand to sweeten iced tea or cocktails.

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