Can You Identify This???

This is "fun", apparently. This is what those boys I wrote about yesterday do for fun when they are larger boys, otherwise known as "men".

They trade the toy guns for ones filled with paint bullets and shoot each other. Ha, ha, this is so FUN!


  1. OUCH! Why would they want to do that to themselves? I guess I will never understand them!

  2. Paintball IS fun! :) Just not so much...now that I'm old and achey.
    We have to sell off our equipment now that Chris can't play with his neck injury. So sad.
    You should try it! I think you would really enjoy it!

  3. omg.. I thought it was a ni**le lol "boys" will be boys lol

  4. omg... that is soo funny... I thought it was a ni**le... lol "boys" will be boys lol


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