Take Your Turkey Out of the Freezer!

Hello, can you hear me? It's time to take your turkey out of the freezer! Seriously, just get up right now and do it because if you sit there and think "oh yeah, I need to remember to take my turkey out of the freezer as soon as I'm done here" you will forget and come Monday (or God forbid, Wednesday night) you will be screwed.

Do you want to know what will happen next? You will get onto the computer to see what to do if you forget to thaw your turkey and read that you need to run water over it. You will then stick your turkey in the laundry tub to run water over it for the next 2 hours and something will fall into the tub and plug the drain and you will flood half of your kitchen and basement. Let's just say I speak from experience...

So, get off your butt and pull it out...Right now! Your husband will thank me later when he's not paying for FireDex to dry you out and worrying about mold. Your welcome.

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