I began reading a new book a few weeks ago after watching Stephenie Meyer on Oprah. I related to this author with small children and a passion for something she wanted to turn into something bigger.

I listened to her recount a particularly vivid dream that she felt compelled to record. She wrote day and night while juggling swim lessons, dinner, laundry...for three months. She ended up with the book I HAD to read, Twilight. My particular obsessive compulsive, instant gratification personality lead me to the store the next day to buy it.

I picked it up and that was IT for work, dinner, homework - I loved it. I was instantly caught up in the love story between vampire and mortal. I read it from cover to cover in a day and a half. It was only after I devoured that first book that I learned the book was meant for a "young adult" audience. Does that make me immature?

I started reading another great book after Twilight, that I will write about next called Eat, Pray, Love (wow, two totally different books!) but I couldn't stop thinking about Edward and Bella. I had to read the next book in the "Twilight Series". I put down my half finished adult read and drove back for book II, New Moon.

It was different than the first, but an equally great read. I finished it in 3 days, since I wouldn't let myself stop reading the other book altogether. I am now obsessed with this series and must read them all! I will be heading out tomorrow to get the next book, in the meantime, read more about this fascinating author and series here, Stephenie Meyer.com It has an ispiring story of her struggle to get published and FAQ about her books.


  1. I've picked this book up 3 times...then put it back. I've heard it's good, but the whole vampire thing doesn't do anything for me. Maybe I'll have to pick it up a 4th time!

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