Skeletons, Werewolfs, and Plumbers...Oh my!

Halloween has come and gone in an anti-climatic whirlwind. All the planning and preparation, the decorating, the creation of costumes, the accumulation of candy all came and went in the blink of an eye.

It was a fun, spooky, exhausting holiday with many rewards (in bright wrappers). Sit back and relive one of my favorite holidays with me:

Can you tell which one is me?

Time to watch the school parades!

Fill up the candy bowl

Get dressed and run outside to meet all of your friends

Pose for photos

Run around to beg for candy all night...this is the life!

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  1. I felt totally wiped out at the end of the night.......it was a different feeling this year....my two older ones went to different neighborhoods with their friends and it was just Cubby and I...although he still has all of the wonder and spirit of the holiday....but it has been come a "season" and not just one day with a party at school and trick or treating....now it's a trip to the pumpkin patch, parties for weekends on end, bonfires, parades, carving all the pumpkins, parties at school etc...and it's not just one piece of candy from everyone....it's two or three, bags of chips, glow sticks and king size bars......thank goodness the troops are still wanting our candy!!!!....we have a ton!


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